Are You A Good Person?

I hear all the time people say, “I’m a good person. Better even than some Christians. I’m sure God negotiates or is willing to listen when I get to heaven for being good.” Well, to be fully honest, good works done outside of Christ’s salvation are actually selfish deeds. Just listen. Good works done in order to gain your personal salvation are not good works done with the other person in mind. They become selfish because you are not focusing on who you are serving but rather focusing on what that service is going to gain for you, what blessings or brownie points you may save up to help you in the end. True service, true good deeds that are blessed by God who brings them to full harvest through your selfless actions, first starts with Christ. He has offered you a gift. He died so that he could wash away all your past mistakes so that you no longer have to worry about what you “need” to do in order to be good enough for heaven. No one is good enough to see God without Jesus’s help. It is really that simple. You cannot do it on your own so stop trying. What a relief it is to know that we do not have to do it on our own! I can trust that he loved me enough to take the pain away as a gift. I can trust him enough to realise that when I do place my trust in him, he will transform my life in a very positive way. All the good I was doing before changes from a selfish act to one with a purpose of actually serving. He has given us seeds to sow, good deeds to give to the world, and he is ready to bring our efforts to harvest. So, do not lose heart in doing good! When we are new creatures in Christ, earthly desires fade away. Or sure, dreams are still there like having a great husband and owning a nice house and car, but they are not the driving force behind doing good for others.


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