The Nature of a Lie

What is the nature of a lie? When I say that my God does not lie, I may be lying and then again, I may not because the nature of a lie is deception and deceit is always tricky business. My faith, however, is not blind. I am not an ignorant woman. I know that faith requires that I take God at his word, trust him which is a foreign concept for many. To trust him first requires that I understand his character. God is good. God is just. God is love. A good God cannot lie because lying is not good so it would contradict his nature. A just God cannot lie because to do so would not serve justice to those usually abused by abusing them further. A loving God cannot lie because we do not lie to those we love; lies destroy feelings and build walls. So if I find that I can trust a God who is good and just and loving to not lie, then faith in his word is not crazy, but reasonable. I do not therefore have to see Him to take him at his word. I can leaning against the peace within me when I acknowledge his truth as relevant and prevalent and empowering. I am further convinced because of the change in my own life that this trust has developed. My God does not lie.


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