From Everlasting To Everlasting

Dearest Father,

King David praised you for your greatest. I praise you the same. You are vast and unending, glorious and kind, beautiful and righteous, everlasting. You are wonderful, an artist – painting each sunset and sunrise with your fingers. The thunder echoes your might. The rains whisper of your mercy. The oceans rise and fall with understanding of your depth. The birds rise to sing praises. The owl coos his trumpet call for listeners to draw near to your silence. I love you. You are radiant as the sun. You breath life into each infant’s soul. How wide do your arms reach! From shore to shore, from desert to desert, from mountain to mountain, from forest to forest, from cityscape to cityscape, from heart to heart, you are present. Who is a God like you? There is no other!

Your daughter,

Rachel Lynn


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