The Nature of Love

Is love the delicacy of rose petals? Is love words like honeyed syrup from masculine lips? Is love security? Is love companionship? No. Yes. Petals crumble once dried. Men’s words are often proved false. A ring supplies little boundary to men who are untrustworthy. No person can be trusted fully. What is companionship if friend drift apart? So…what is the nature of love? God is love, I can only assume, because only he offers to provide a decent a example. Does not proof of love warrant trust? Does not trust supply security? Companionship blooms beneath the sunrise of safety. I must ask then, if God’s love is true and has been proven and he can be trusted to ensure safety, why does man not seek his companionship? Or, are we fools who assume that such a thing is impossible, that such a love could not exist?


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