Promise me that you will not allow the wisdom of fallen men to turn you into a fool. They deny that God exists on grounds of inconsistent reason; reason being a gift they have received from the one whom they deny. Where do they originate their understanding of right from wrong if there was not an originally set standard? Where do they earn the right to strip us of our God-given dignity in claiming we began as scum and have no ultimate purpose other than to be absorbed into nothingness? Am I to believe that I am insignificant, morally ambiguous, disposable matter with not a role in history? I refuse! You should too! Do not let their faulty logic confuse you simply because they use lofty terminology. Just because a man’s thoughts are revered by men does not mean that they are meaningful, worthwhile or true. Maybe man ought to look to women for a change, but not women who regurgitate everything previously proposed by naturalistic, nihilistic, misogynistic men! I want to be a woman like Eve – first of her age. I want to be a philosophic, theistic feminist. One day, man may scoff at such a notion because it topples modern conceptions of what we are programmed to think. They may call me foolish to question ‘common knowledge’, but what is knowledge that leads to nothing? Nothing but a glorification of the self which in itself is defeating by removing man’s dignity as bearers of God’s glorious image: his personality, his wisdom, his intelligence. These are simply fractured now because of the fall from God’s originally perfected plan. Are we so arrogant now to assume that our splintered intelligence alone can provide us with a correct answer to our existence? Do we really want to satisfy ourselves with being scum? We are greater! Do not tell me otherwise.


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