All That Remains

There is still beauty in the world. Though often eclipsed by tragedy or injustice or the realization of prophecies that speak of the end of time, beauty is still present. Children laugh. Foxes play. Every day paints a new sunrise and sunset in a spectrum of marmalade hues. Cardinals sing with the morning. A homeless man smiles with no teeth. Thunder storms crash in the sky and draw lovers together beneath the sheets. Birthday wishes float towards a land of dreams on candle smoke. Friends drink wine together and talk of memories as the full moon illuminates the cedar trees and stars – billions of miles away – wink at us. Yes, there is still beauty. It dances in the shadow of reality. It is the fragrance, essence of goodness clinging to the earth where corruption has not reached. We can rest in beauty’s shade and find hope that soon, very soon, wickedness will be no more and beauty: all that remains.


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