As my philosophical studies deepen, I am plummeted into a world of “maybes”. “Maybe” is the vile word that sparked our intellectual dissent from theism to postmodernism. Why do I call this a dissent rather than assent? Because when we pushed away from the revelatory knowledge of ourselves and our existence and our purpose with God, our “reason” became deluded. We lost common sense and replaced truth with speculation and assumption and confusion. Where clarity once resided in the answers concerning every philosophical question, there is now “maybe”. How does “maybe” help us progress when we are stuck in uncertainty? If we can only be unsure about everything, what is the point of anything? Why study? Why have faith? Why live? Without the revelation provided for us in Scripture, we have no way of answering – consistently or accurately – the questions that plague society’s mind. What is prime reality? Who are we as humans? Why are we here and how did we get here? What is the purpose of history? What purpose does life hold? What is truth? Why is there evil? What happens after death? In the post modern world, truth is relative, and so it is impossible to definitively answer any of those questions. No one answer can be absolutely correct because your interpretation may not jive with mine and so we are at an impasse and isolated from each other. A theistic philosophy, on the contrary, provides an answer for each of these questions and can expound upon them to incorporate depth in our daily lives. I can tell you that God is the prime reality because he exceeds time and space. He exists from everlasting to everlasting: before time and after time. I can tell you that as humans, we are creations in the image of God. This provides not only for our need to be apart of a community and relationships, but for our reason, intelligence, creativity, emotions, purpose, assurance of self and our personhood. History’s purpose is to bring about redemption and glorification of mankind and all other aspects of creation. Life is designed to love God and love each other and to live in dominance but harmony over and with animals, plants, etc. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No man can gain eternal life after death without him. No man can come to the Father, but by him. Evil is present because of the Fall from God’s originally created order due to the fact that through our free will, we chose to disobey and rebel bringing about consequences. This is why history must be caused to bring about redemption and glorification linearly. Man is appointed once to live and once to die and after death comes judgment. God knows all our secret thoughts and actions and we will be held accountable for them. Jesus becomes our advocate on this day after death if we allow him to through believe his love for us that causes redemption and adoption.

You see…within the realm of the theistic worldview, I could continue to provide concise answers that are definitive and absolute for life’s most difficult questions because they have been provided to me through revelation. Autonomy and personal godhood sound ideal, but in reality, they fail to answer the questions that irk our souls. They cannot claim truth because truth within that perspective of life is merely interpretation. In the individuality that is advanced as spectacular in postmodernism, we can recognize the fact that we become isolated and estranged from each other. Suicide rates skyrocket because there is no sense of belonging: to God, to the world, to others, to ourselves. We crumble from the inside out because our understanding of these big questions prompts how we act and react within our lifetimes.

Books upon books have been written about this, but I want to recommend one to you in particular: James Sire’s The Universe Next Door. sire

The read is not complex, but it covers the basics from Christian theism, to deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, New Age spiritualism, Eastern pantheism, postmodernism, and even Islamic theism. Educate yourself.


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