To Love

What does it mean to love? Is love a selfish act or a selfless one or something completely autonomous and neutral until acted upon by an outside force towards virtue or vice? Is love physical, emotional, or spiritual? Can it be all three? Should it be all three? Must it be? Is it a natural occurrence or supernatural experience? Is love genuine or has love been squished into commonplace terminology? I love you. Does this phrase still “pack a punch” or release butterflies or is it just…meh? What does it mean to love?

I cannot tell you. Your answer to any of these questions may or may not be drastically different from my own; but, I think it would be an injustice to the concept if I did not at least attempt to define love. In doing so, I may villainize myself as one who compresses the immeasurable notion of love into a series of terms, but the risk is worth taking.

To love is to be loved.

Genuine love is a selfless act involving a particular relationship between the loved and lover. This relationship is physical, emotional, and spiritual. The act of love itself is both a natural occurrence and a supernatural experience depending upon who occupies the position of the loved and lover. By human standards, love is corruptible and corrupted to certain extents in all regions of the spectrum; therefore, genuine love must reside in a realm beyond human standards.

To love is to be loved by God.




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