A Bit Of A Rant

Unplug and crack open the spine of a book once and a while, will ya?!? I am shocked by how much I am learning reading through books written by brilliant minds devoted to illuminating tough questions concerning life, knowledge and religion. I learn that I have been naive in my approach to truth. Are you also naive and sheeply because you simply cannot put down your dang phone for an hour or two and read a book? Do not be a sheep. Do not allow your mind to whither. Do not allow yourself to be blown about in the wind of philosophies because you are too lazy to educate yourself about a concept that “sounds good.” Reach for something solid. Seek to understand yourself and how you interpret the world. I have a library’s worth of recommendations if you really want to know about the worldviews being shoved down your throat through cultural influence. Look at the whole picture for crying out loud! The reasonable path screams at you when you actually take time to do the research.

End of rant.


“…the content of the human heart – the single root of all thought and action – is the bottom line, the very key to existence. It is the ultimate factor in shaping one’s understanding of reality, whether practically in worldview or theoretically in philosophy and science.” (Naugle, 29)

What does your heart look like and how is it affecting the life you choose to acknowledge and live?



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