A Necessary Conversation

Certain conversations arise as necessary in our lifetimes; conversations that are uncomfortable, draining, and often argumentative. Do not allow these qualities of a necessary engagement to shove the truth aside. It is often the truth that applies these qualities to the conversational context. Truth requires accountability and often a change of outlook of one or more members within the conversational party. Truth may be obvious. It may be convoluted and complex. Truth may not be in either suggestion proffered within a debate. It may need third-party input to clarify what the truth really is. Truth is not totally absent. For every needed discussion that will surface, there is a truth to be found. Can we really find it? Must we look for it or will it reveal itself to us when we are ready? What if truth makes itself known, but we ignore it? How do we recognize truth when we encounter it? What if it requires that I change my viewpoint? Am I ready to consider that possibility? Are you?

Never fear the truth. Even if we are temporarily uncomfortable or forced to change or required to admit ignorance and false pride, never fear the truth. Truth sets us free. It will never be a damaging experience to know the truth. Can it hurt? Can it tear relationships apart, expose atrocities that destroy reputations, humble an unbeliever? Yes; and yet, is this not good? Temporary pain should never deter us from bettering our lives. The truth seeks out goodness by obliterating lies. No one wants to admit that they are comfortable believing a lie. Oh, but we are. We are so at ease when believing in something or living our life in a way that expects little from us other than pleasure and happiness. We want the easy route, the quick fix, the 10 minute meal, the path to heaven that makes us feel good but requires no genuine change. We do not want truth. We need it. Like exercise over binging on Netflix, truth is a necessary conversation that forces us out of our comfort zones and into life-altering commitment. Truth is not easy. Truth is necessary. Are you ready to lay down your habits, your arrogance, your stubbornness and your detrimental pride when truth comes to call?


Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”



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