Hum Of The Drum

My soul floats on a bohemian rhythm. Drums crash and seduce the tambourine to dance like waves lapping at the gritty sand between my toes. Piano keys tinker below the wild celebration of my wilder nature, hinting at a subtle change of tune. As the drums reside like a receding heartbeat, a violin surges to the forefront of the symphony. Cello joins the chorus. A sweet melancholy ensues. Pulsing, swaying, flying atop the strings of music like a bejeweled gypsy, I find balance in the two genres. The drums rise from beneath. The tambourine rattles back to life. In the distance is the blaring horn rejoicing in redemption of my soul adding jazzy blues to the rhythm of my walk upon the soils of this earth. The cello moans. The violin wails. All together my head is spinning and my body is spinning and my arms are open wide and my skirts are twirling in vibrant colors of magenta and midnight stars and my heart is thrumming and my voice is whistling, beckoning the moon to sing and the sun to shine and the moment to never end. My life slips into eternity as all things meet their crescendo and fade. Left behind is the steady hum of the drum as my heart keeps beating.




I once read that man is like grass and his glory is like a sunflower in a field. Grass eventually greets the blade and petals turn brown, but the words that drip from Elohim’s lips are eternal. Desire for the honey usually overtakes all other yearning, so I disconnect from the world for awhile and reconnect with God. Though I ache and my lower back caves backward in a painful curve, I discover myself on my knees – praying. Groans and tears frequent these sessions more often than actual words because I assume I seek something deeper, something lasting. I could mumbling and mutter away an hour and have not come one inch closer to this eternal dew, but in my moaning and gasping sobs, I discover this unexplainable peace. It passes all understanding; and ushers me into this lullaby state where I slumber restful and not in a tossing and turning of scattered dreams.